Mandorle Biologiche italiane

Organic Almonds from Sicily

The Finest Organic Raw Sicilian Almonds.

We offer the finest Italian organic raw almonds, sourced exclusively from small-scale producers operating in dedicated and uncontaminated areas. These prized, unique fruits are obtained from centuries-old plants cultivated using methods that are in perfect harmony with the surrounding ecosystem.

We have selected organic Sicilian almonds from the native Noto varieties, a Slow Food presidium, which cannot be reproduced in other territories: Pizzuta d'Avola and Fascionello, renowned for being the best in the world.

Unlike intensive farming methods, our production is limited, but this allows the characteristics of the ancient fruit to shine through. Even the processing methods are traditional. Harvested only when fully ripe in the summer, these organic almonds are sun-dried, not oven-dried.

Rich in healthy fats, the fruits are easily perishable, so our organic shelled almonds are immediately vacuum-packed to guarantee maximum freshness. Thanks to the attention to detail in every production step and the short supply chain, our raw organic almonds are an extraordinary nutraceutical food with nutritional properties up to 3 times greater than other almonds.


Mandorle Biologiche italiane
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