Adotta un alveare bio Sardegna

Adopt a beehive in Sardinia

Support Bees and Social Impact

Adopt a Beehive Bio The Honeyland in Sardinia and support bees, biodiversity, and social impact!

With our beekeeper Luigi Manias, your adoption makes a difference:

  • Sustainable beekeeping: The Honeyland is a family-run apiary with a long tradition of sustainable beekeeping practices.
  • Social impact: Your adoption supports a project that provides training and employment opportunities for young people with disabilities.
  • Exclusive products: Receive unique honey and pollen products from the GICOIAS project, available only to The Honeyland friends.

Join us in protecting bees and creating a more inclusive society!

Adopt a Beehive in Sardinia today!

Adotta un alveare bio Sardegna
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