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Organic Sardinian Honey

Experience the Exquisite Taste of Sardinian Honey

Discover the finest selection of organic Sardinian honey sourced by ours beekepers from pristine Sardinian oases. The mild climate allows the diverse Sardinian flora to express a concentrated blend of perfumes and aromas typical of the Mediterranean scrub.

Unique blooms of thistle, strawberry tree, myrtle, mastic, cistus, and asphodel contribute with their nectar to enhance the organoleptic characteristics of organic Sardinian honey, making it a genuine and healthy product rich in nutrients.

Sardinia's honey is a flavor adventure! From bold eucalyptus to fresh citrus, delicate asphodel to unique thistle, we have a honey for every palate. Explore sulla, ivy, bramble, teucrium, and more. Indulge in prized strawberry tree honey or savor the Mediterranean scrubland in a jar. Experience Sardinia in every spoonful!

Only organic Sardinian honey guarantees a product that is unpasteurized, unblended, and unfiltered. Experience the taste of summer all year round!


Miele Sardo Biologico
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