Sustainable and plastic free online shop

We strongly believe that a sustainable product should be environmentally friendly at all stages of its life: from the raw materials used , to the production process , to packaging and finally the packaging .

Our sustainability strategy is based on the five pillars: organic farming , circular economy , avoiding pollution and reducing waste .

Circular economy products with low environmental and social impact

“Without a circular economy there is no climate neutrality” we read in the Cen-Enea reports. In our online boutique you will find only sustainable organic products from the circular economy: 80% are obtained with ONLY raw materials from our producers , while the remainder contain local raw materials from the area.

This means less pollution from freight transport, but also our commitment to social sustainability for the families who work the land.

"When you buy a product from The Honeyland to improve your health you are not only buying the hard work of the farmers and the thousands of bees expertly looked after by our beekeepers, but you are bringing home the scents of lands that risk desertification . You are saving ancient plants and traditions that support biodiversity and which today are about to disappear".

Shop without plastic waste

In proportion to the growth of online sales especially during the pandemic, the plastic waste generated by companies has increased significantly and is increasingly ending up in landfills. We have developed a system to work almost without plastic: 98% of our products have glass and paper packaging , while cosmetics have minimalist packaging and certified plastic.

Paper packaging for our parcels

Since 2013, The Honeyland has been the first organic online store to use 100% recyclable paper in its parcel packaging :

  • Our glass jars and bottles are protected with corrugated cardboard instead of the classic plastic bubbles, or bioplastics (the latter are not compostable, therefore destined for undifferentiated collection).
  • Cardboard Boxes & Natural Paper Filling . We carefully recycle our suppliers' boxes and reuse valuable materials.
  • We use eco-friendly paper adhesive tape and natural glue, without hidden nylon threads.
  • Since 2019 we have reduced the plastic in our insulated packaging by 60% .

Therefore the entire packaging can be 100% recycled in the paper collection in complete safety.

CO2 & Nitrogen reduction

The agri-food system is among the main causes of environmental pollution and produces a third of the emissions produced by human activities. The use of chemical fertilizers in agriculture is causing significant emissions of nitrous oxide, a powerful greenhouse gas.

The Honeyland ONLY supports small, local ORGANIC producers who use natural fertilizers and fight to preserve their lands from the advancement of agribusiness.

The milk for the production of Parmigiano Reggiano and our soaps comes from small organic farms which have a lower environmental impact compared to intensive farming.

Reduction in air pollution

We only sell organic products obtained mainly with our own and KM 0 organic raw materials from our producers and not imported from thousands of kilometers away.

We encourage our customers to make larger purchases instead of buying just a few pieces at a time - this helps reduce pollution resulting from courier movements.