Olio evo biologico italiano

italian organic extra virgin olive oil

Handcrafted Olive Oil

Directly from the mills of our small producers in Tuscany and Sardinia: we bring you some of the finest examples of Italian organic extra virgin olive oil that have received prestigious national awards in recent years.

The result of the skillful work of artisans who have cultivated olive trees for generations in harmony with the landscape, our organic extra virgin olive oil reflects The Honeyland philosophy and protects biodiversity:

  • Italian organic certified, but NOT super intensive
  • Only from our own olives, typical cultivars of the area of origin

We have selected only healthy and fresh organic olive oil with low acidity that possesses numerous nutraceutical properties: it is rich in polyphenols and antioxidants thanks to a precious artisan process:

  • Processing within a very short time from harvesting
  • True cold pressed: extraction temperature at max. 26°C
  • Small batch production: stored in stainless steel containers under nitrogen and packaged for us on request.

Medium or more intense fruity, our varieties of organic extra virgin olive oil can satisfy different needs to accompany your dishes. 

Olio evo biologico italiano
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