Sesamo di Ispica biologico

Organic italian sesame

A Presidium of Slow Food

Among all oilseeds, sesame is one of the most sought-after. We bring you the best Italian sesame, the Ispica variety, a Slow Food Presidium, directly from Sicily.

An Italian excellence to be preserved, as there are very few farmers left who have continued to sow this precious food over the years, preserving it from the genetic manipulations of the industry.

Why choose The Honeyland organic sesame:

  • Native variety from the Ispica area (Ragusa). Not extra EU sesame.
  • Protected area. Cultivation in a protected area of high natural value, within an archaeological park rich in biodiversity.
  • Manual cultivation: all stages of processing are still carried out manually, from mowing to seed cleaning.
  • Artisanal processing & slow natural drying in the Sicilian sun.
You can try raw sesame seeds, tahini (the famous sesame cream), gomasio and Sicilian za'atar inspired by the ancient condiment of Lebanese tradition.

Sesamo di Ispica biologico
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