Miele di Melata biologico

Raw honeydew honey

From Italy and France.

We offer the largest variety of raw honeydew honey by the best Italian and french beekeepers: forest, oak and citrus. From Dolomiti, Sicily, Pyrenees and Corsica

Each organic honeydew honey has a unique and authentic flavor that reflects the true soul of the territory from which it comes.

With TheHoneyland raw honeydew honeys, you choose honeys of the highest quality:

  • The hives for collection are positioned in uncontaminated areas and natural parks and this allows the bees to operate undisturbed and far from sources of pollution.
  • Honey extracted with cold centrifugation and decanted naturally.
  • Non-pasteurized honey and not subjected to heat treatments, so it maintains its antibiotic, antioxidant and mineral salt properties unaltered.
  • Fresh, jarred directly in the beekeeper's laboratory.

As our beekeepers recommend, raw honeydew honey should be tasted pure with your eyes closed and your nose open.



Miele di Melata biologico
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