Tè Matcha biologico Giapponese

Organic Matcha tea

The Purest Taste of Japan

Experience the finest organic ceremonial matcha tea from Japan, cultivated by small family-owned farms using sustainable methods.

Our carefully selected matcha:

  • 100% PURE TENCHA: Only the highest quality Tencha leaves are used, ensuring the highest concentration of L-theanine and chlorophyll.
  • CERTIFIED ORGANIC: Our matcha is certified to the highest standards by JAS and EU.
  • RIGOROUSLY TESTED: Every batch is tested for pesticides, glyphosate, and radioactivity by Galab Laboratories in Hamburg, Germany.
  • FRESHNESS GUARANTEED: Stored at 5°C throughout the supply chain to preserve its precious nutrients.
Tè Matcha biologico Giapponese
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