Cosmetica Aloe vera bio fresca

Organic aloe vera cosmetics

Unparalleled Skincare with Freshly Organic Aloe Vera.

Experience the exceptional benefits of our unique aloe vera cosmetics line, featuring a high concentration of fresh organic aloe vera cultivated and handcrafted by our trusted manufacturers.

Our aloe vera plantation is nestled in a protected area of Murcia, Spain, a region renowned for its optimal growing conditions. This "NATURA 2000 network site" is a European biodiversity hotspot, ensuring the highest quality aloe vera.

Cultivated under the sun 365 days a year without greenhouses, our aloe vera is certified organic and in conversion to biodynamic Demeter certification.

We harness only the freshest aloe vera from the inner fillet, the most precious part of the plant. Our aloe vera is:

  • Fresh: Far superior to reconstituted aloe from freeze-dried powders, commonly used in most aloe vera cosmetics.
  • Unprocessed: Not pasteurized, irradiated, or filtered with chemicals.
  • Potent: High aloe content, up to 96% and minimum 78%.
  • Pure: Free from parabens, PEGs, silicones, GMOs, synthetic fragrances, artificial colors, and alcohol.

The purity and quality of our aloe gel make it a highly beneficial phytocomplex for the skin. With a high percentage of pure fresh aloe vera juice and carefully selected plant extracts, our products are highly dermocompatible and suitable for even the most sensitive skin.

Cosmetica Aloe vera bio fresca
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