Tisane biologiche Alto Adige

Organic herbal teas

From the Italian Alps

Our producer is the oldest organic herb farm in Alto Adige, Italy. We offer a wide variety of organic herbal teas made with 500 different types of seedlings. Our therbal eas are handcrafted using traditional methods to preserve the intense aroma and beneficial properties of the herbs.

Our 5 "secret ingredients" are:

  • Outdoor cultivation and harvesting of herbs at the peak of their active ingredient concentration, following the Balsamic Time method.
  • Uncontaminated air - all our plants are grown in pristine valleys of South Tyrol at an altitude of about 800 meters above sea level in an absolutely pure environment.
  • Pure mountain spring water - free from pesticide and heavy metal contamination from agriculture.
  • Low-temperature drying of the herbs to preserve all their beneficial properties.
  • Storage: dried herbs are stored in a cool, dry, and dark place.

Our handcrafted herbal teas are fresh: they arrive directly from the farm, shortly after packaging.

Tisane biologiche Alto Adige
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