Miele di Corbezzolo biologico

Strawberry tree honey from Sardinia and Corsica

Exquisite Strawberry Tree Honey from Sardinia and Corsica

A Precious Essence from Untamed Lands: our organic strawberry tree honey is a unique product, born from the harmonious collaboration between bees and the pristine environment of Sardinia and Corsica. Its limited production and the challenges of harvesting make our strawberry tree honey a rare and highly sought-after delicacy.

Certified Organic: we are proud to offer you three distinct varieties of certified organic strawberry tree honey, meticulously collected by TheHoneyland beekeepers from uncontaminated areas such as the Monte Arci Park, the Ogliastra Mountains, and Cap Corse.

An Unforgettable Flavor Experience: each of our strawberry tree honeys possesses a distinctive and lingering taste, characterized by bittersweet notes and a lingering aftertaste of licorice and bitter almond. Embark on a sensory journey with every spoonful, as our honeys unveil a symphony of unique fragrances and flavors.

Miele di Corbezzolo biologico
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