Miele di Montagna biologico

Raw Mountain Honey

Pure, Natural, Raw Mountain Honey from the Alps of Italy.

A selection of fine organic mountain honeys harvested over 950 meters above sea level, where nature is still uncontaminated.

From the Alpine valleys of Susa to protected natural areas such as the Orsiera Rocciavre Natural Park (Piedmont), the Monte Rosa Massif and the Gressoney Valley (Aosta Valley).

Raw mountain honeys obtained from the nectar of wild flora such as linden, chestnut, rhododendron and berries. These honeys can often also contain honeydew honey in various proportions, and are therefore rich in precious nutritional properties that are very useful for the well-being of the body.

Some organic high mountain honeys are rare, such as the Spruce Honeydew Honey from the Belluno Dolomites Park which is produced over 1200 meters high.

Discover these precious mountain honeys with delicate aromas and alpine floral scents, you will be particularly surprised by the symphony of flavors they can offer. Excellent for breakfast and exquisite in combination with matured cheeses such as our artisanal organic Parmigiano Reggiano.


Miele di Montagna biologico
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