Propoli biologica grezza

Raw pure propolis

A Complete Line of Raw, Pure Propolis Products

Available in drops, syrup, spray, or with honey to meet the needs of adults and children.

We use only organic Italian and French pure propolis sourced from our beekeepers to guarantee the highest quality and deliver the full effectiveness of its active ingredients: flavonoids, essential oils, and organic acids.

This makes our pure propolis more active against microbes, tastier, and more aromatic. The fresh propolis from our certified beekeepers is far superior to common propolis and propolis from other countries (China and Brazil).

All our products contain only organic pure propolis harvested away from pollution sources and free from chemical treatments.

Therefore, it's:

  • Safer and healthier
  • Less allergenic

The Honeyland has selected ONLY raw propolis processed exclusively in certified laboratories.

Our propolis is FREE FROM: Drug residues, Antibiotics, Heavy metals, GMOs

Propoli biologica grezza
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