Herbal teas, teas and organic digestive spices

With fine fresh herbs and digestive spices (fennel, chili pepper, ginger, and cinnamon)

Honey with properties beneficial for digestion

With 100% artisanal raw organic honey from our producers

  • Organic honey with ginger
  • -5%
    Organic forest (oak) honeydew Marche hills
    Organic forest (oak) honeydew Marche hills
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  • Organic honeydew from Corsica Mountain DOP
  • Honey with cinnamon and organic ginger - Winter Enchantment
  • Organic honeydew from the Ticino Park
  • Organic spruce honeydew Dolomiti Bellunesi Park
  • Organic honeydew (citrus) from Sicily
  • Organic white fir honeydew from the Pyrenees
  • Organic honeydew Colli di Salsomaggiore
  • Organic honeydew from Cap Corse (Corsica AOP)
  • Organic woodland honeydew from the Cinque Terre