Foods from Ancient Traditions to nourish Wellbeing

More and more people are taking supplements, which are often useless and sometimes even harmful to their health. We are convinced that there is a better way to increase our well-being, without side effects.

This is why we created The Honeyland, which collects the best "nutraceutical foods" with fresh organic raw materials directly from our trusted producers.

Today we are happy to help thousands of people regain well-being with natural, vital and pure remedies that truly bring benefits .

The ORGANIC Boutique of excellence

“Handcrafted products of the highest quality without compromise. It is the result of hard work that reflects our VALUES.“

How we were born

The Honeyland is a small and dynamic company born from the personal needs of its founders Manuele Francesio and Manuela Sdrulla to find alternatives to supplements and exotic superfoods.

" In search of family wellness products we have spent a lot of money on trendy supplements, miracle powders and supergreens - unfortunately always disappointing. "

The main activity is the online store , born in 2014 as the first store in Italy specializing in fresh organic beekeeping products. Today The Honeyland has around 300 certified organic products in its catalogue, from around 35 carefully selected producers.

We collaborate with some pioneers of organic beekeeping in Italy and France, specialists in Apitherapy, Nutrition and Integrated Medicine.

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ENVIRONMENT: the shop without plastic

By shopping on The Honeyland you protect the environment from plastic waste.

Since 2014 we have been the first organic online shop to use 100% recyclable paper for parcel packaging.

Without plastic or bioplastics (non-compostable)

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The Honeyland Plastic Free