Erbe e Spezie bio italiane artigianali

Italian herbs and spices

Italian herb seasoning from Alto Adige and Umbria.

We have selected organic Italian herbs and spices collected in natural areas, far from any form of pollution. From artisanal cultivations, to guarantee the highest quality of the product.

Our italian herbs seasoning are part of the Mediterranean Diet heritage such as Oregano, Sage, Rosemary, Basil and the precious Saffron in pistils. Thanks to the attention to detail with which they are produced, they maintain all their aromas and nutraceutical properties intact, bringing health to your dishes. No pesticides or industrial treatments.

They are limited productions coming directly from small artisan companies that work with passion, care and love, in harmony with the nature that surrounds them. The harvesting of aromatic herbs takes place at the balsamic moment, when the active principles of the plants are at their maximum concentration. Furthermore, drying takes place at a low temperature and the herbs are then packaged by hand.

On The Honeyland you can find only fresh herbs and spices from certified organic cultivations: they arrive directly from the producer, shortly after packaging. 

Erbe e Spezie bio italiane artigianali
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