Mieli di Agrumi biologici

Organic Italian Citrus Honey

From the sun of Calabria and Sicilia

At The Honeyland we have selected organic citrus honeys with floral aromas and warm flavours produced according to an ancient tradition. Creamy, finely crystallised honeys with maximum freshness, rich, natural flavour and high nutritional qualities. Our beekeepers' citrus honeys are harvested from the best organic citrus groves in pristine areas of Sicily, Calabria and Sardinia:

  • organic orange honey
  • organic lemon honey
  • organic bergamot honey
  • organic mandarin honey

Raw and unpasteurised honey that preserves all the beneficial properties conferred by both the bees and the plants from which it is harvested.

Cheese pairings: a perfect match with artisanal ricotta or spicy cheeses such as Caciocavallo and mature Pecorino.

Mieli di Agrumi biologici
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