Tè verde biologico in foglie

Organic green tea leaves

A Taste of Purity and Wellness

Experience the finest organic green tea leaves from Japan and China, renowned for their health benefits due to their high flavonoid content.

Among the different qualities of green tea, we have selected only loose leaf organic green tea that preserves all of its active ingredients, for a concentrate of healthy well-being:

  • Pure green teas, some from high mountain gardens
  • Precious blends with aromatic plants and flower petals.

Choosing an organic green tea harvested just a few months ago means enjoying a beverage with a high content of catechins, the main element that makes green tea a powerful antioxidant.

The organic green tea you find on TheHoneyland comes from crops grown without the use of chemicals (pesticides) and far from sources of urban and industrial pollution to avoid contamination from heavy metals (lead, etc.).

Tè verde biologico in foglie
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