Tè di Natale biologici speziati

Spiced organic Christmas tea

Unforgettable Fragrances and Flavors

From the sweetness of cinnamon to the liveliness of spices, TheHoneyland offers a selection of Christmas Teas and Spieced Teas with unforgettable fragrances and flavors. Delicious flavors for a sweet and romantic Christmas.

From "Mondo di Eutepia", one of the most important Tea Rooms in Italy:

  • A wide variety of teas prepared with high-quality organic ingredients and only natural flavors to create a truly magical atmosphere...
  • Spiced green teas
  • Spiced black teas
  • Spiced fruit infusions and herbal teas

Perfect gifts for relatives, friends or colleagues. They will be able to savor the warm and spicy Christmas atmosphere.

Christmas Spice Teas have a centuries-old history, dating back to the Victorian era. During the Christmas Tea Parties at the royal house, flavored blends were prepared with ingredients that could warm the body during the cold winter days.

Pair with our spiced honeys with ginger and cinnamon.

Tè di Natale biologici speziati
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