Certified organic e-commerce

To offer our customers even greater security and transparency, The Honeyland is one of the first e-commerce sites to obtain organic certification in Italy. It is an additional certification compared to the one our producers already have.

Integra Values ​​srl, The Honeyland e-commerce store , is certified organic for the sale of organic foods and bee products controlled by Soil and Health (IT-BIO-004). The certification was issued pursuant to art. 35, paragraph 1, of Regulation (EU) 2018/848. Certificate number 01-02762-0001 valid from 09/13/2022 to 09/12/2025.

Suolo e Salute is the certification and control body recognized and legitimized by the Ministry of Agricultural and Forestry Policies. It certifies that the company stores and distributes organic products in line with the principles of organic farming. Our certificate of conformity is available from the inspection body (operator code 52739).

Organic food traceability (e-certification)

Today there is an explosion of e-commerce sites claiming to sell organic products. To increase food safety, organic food traceability (e-certification) of products is important . The organic certification process starts from the producer and ends when the product is sold, perhaps by third parties as in the case of e-commerce.

The Honeyland: reliable organic products

For the consumer, our organic certification as a company is synonymous with reliability . This is because it has the certainty that the products are truly organic and that the entire supply chain is controlled and certified from cultivation to sale. The control body monitors and confirms the authenticity of the e-commerce by carrying out periodic checks. The issuing of certification is a guarantee that the product sold is safe and traceable .