Mieli Rari Biologici

Rare Organic Honeys

Discover the Exquisite Taste of Rare Organic Honey

For those who seek new and exceptional flavors, explore our collection of rare organic honeys.

Crafted in small batches by dedicated beekeepers, these honeys are limited in quantity and not always available each year.

Choose from over 25 varieties of rare honey:

  • Delicate honeys: Lavender from Valensole (Provence), Asphodel from Monte Arci.
  • Floral honeys: Rhododendron from over 1200m, Alfalfa and Ailanthus from the hills of Tabiano Terme, Dandelion from the Piedmont hills.
  • Characterful honeys: Thistle, prized Sardinian Corbezzolo, and Tuscan Appenine Erica.

We guarantee 100% Italian, artisanal, and unpasteurized organic honey.

Experience the unique flavors of rare organic honey today!

Mieli Rari Biologici
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