Aloe Vera bio Fresca non pastorizzata

Fresh organic aloe vera

Only the Purest Aloe Vera for You

We have carefully evaluated over 50 organic aloe vera producers in Italy and Europe. Only 2 small local companies located in southern Spain meet our requirements for meticulous artisanal processing, without any artificial treatment or manipulation:

  • Open field aloe cultivation (no greenhouse)
  • NOT reconstituted from concentrate: only fresh squeezed from the gel (mucilage of the inner pulp).
  • WITHOUT anthraquinones (ALOIN) but NOT irradiated: no chemical or physical filtration treatments commonly used in large aloe vera productions.
  • UNPASTEURIZED: preserves all 200 bioactive components of the fresh plant: enzymes, vitamins, essential amino acids and precious polysaccharides such as ACEMANNAN.
  • Packed in opaque UV-resistant glass

Recent scientific studies have shown that ONLY fresh aloe vera gel has anti-inflammatory properties useful for the digestive and intestinal system and supports the immune system. Our fresh organic aloe vera provides all the benefits of the plant's gel, making it one of the best aloe vera products you can find on the Italian and European market.

Aloe Vera bio Fresca non pastorizzata
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