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Organic honeydew from Cap Corse (Corsica AOP)

Very good

Clementine flower - Organic green tea with mandarin and cinnamon

Very good

Quality products that are difficult to find in traditional stores.

Pure organic spirulina Sierra Calderona Natural Park

Hazelnut cream

Really good and with a delicate taste

Canavese Valleys organic acacia honey
Angela B. (Milan, IT)

Like all the honeys purchased so far, this one is exceptional.

Propol Air

Excellent product, I am very satisfied with the purchase.

100% pure organic Piedmontese hazelnut cream
Antonella D. (Ponte San Pietro, IT)
Authentic taste

A cream with a unique flavor, fragrant and truly delicious. Hazelnuts, with their unmistakable strong touch, give a true explosion of authentic taste with every spoonful. The only flaw is the consistency, a little too liquid

In fact, due to its consistency, this cream is ideal for adding to yogurt and drinks

Monte Rosa - Organic High Mountain Millefiori, Slow Food Presidium
fabrizio s. (Santa Croce sull'Arno, IT)
Fast and excellent quality products

Congratulations for the speed of shipping and I must say that the honey is excellent and the tea is exceptional

excellent products

Very fast delivery and excellent products

arrived quickly

excellent products

An alternative to Apisystem

I take it in the morning for breakfast, it is sweeter than apisystem but does not contain pollen.
In my opinion, it's a good alternative and in fact, when apisystem is finished, I start propomiel!
To try

Propolis mother tincture 40% from organic raw propolis

Miele monte arci

Fantastic honey, the best I've ever tasted so far


Repurchased for the second time it nourishes the skin. I use it in the evening before sleeping together with the aloe gel and personally I no longer need to put any more cream on my face. Propolis disinfects therefore also helps to avoid impurities

truly exceptional

Like all Manias honeys from Sardinia, this is also a superior quality product, with a tasty, fragrant flavour, to say the least, VERY GOOD

Ficus carica organic bud extract
Giovanna C. (Rome, IT)
Excellent for gastroesophageal reflux and more.

I have been taking Honeyland ficus carica ever since I met it. I feel very good about it and take it regularly.

I am truly very very happy to have met Honeyland

Parmesan, cheeses in general, when wrapped in natural beeswax-based film, are preserved fragrant and for longer. I am very satisfied.

Very good


Organic Alpine Flower Honey, Slow Food Presidium

Sardinian nougat with Tonara hazelnuts
Lucia A. (Bolzano, IT)
The best Sardinian nougat I've ever eaten!

Ordered for the umpteenth time. Optimal! You have to refrain from eating it by the pound.

A delicacy.

The panettone is truly delicious and very digestible.
I'm very happy I bought two of them.
Thanks Honeyland.

Organic ginger honey
Mariella B. (Verona, IT)

The purchase was also quick and the products purchased were delicious

Propolis mother tincture 40% from organic raw propolis

Sardinian walnut nougat from Tonara
Lucia A. (Cornedo All'Isarco, IT)
Nougat with an excellent taste!

Third time purchasing this excellent Sardinian nougat. We won't leave him anymore. Advised