Artisanal organic spreads

100% dried fruit or in combination with honey from our Italian producers

  • Novità
    Honey and Hazelnut cream from the Langhe
  • Organic hazelnut spread
  • 100% pure organic Piedmont hazelnut cream
  • Organic Tahini sesame cream – 100% Sicilian
  • Honey with Ginger
  • Pistacchiomiel - pistachio cream with organic honey
  • Mandormiel - Almond and Honey cream
  • Spicede Honey with Cinnamon
  • Organic fruit spread

    Premium products with local organic fruit from The Honeyland producers (Piedmont & South Tyrol).

  • Blueberry compote without added sugar
  • Honey with raspberries from Alto Adige
  • Organic sugar-free blackberry compote
  • Honey with Blackcurrants from Alto Adige
  • Strawberry Honey from Alto Adige
  • Raspberry compote without added sugar
  • Artisanal Japanese green tea and matcha

    The best healthy alternatives to coffee - directly from small tea plantations in Japan

  • Organic Sencha tea "Asamushi Kanaya Midori"
  • Organic Sencha Green Tea Minami Sayaka - Japan
  • Organic Gyokuro Tennen tea Kirishima Mountains
  • Organic Gyokuro green tea Miyazaki (Japan)
  • Premium Organic Matcha Tea Minami Sayaka
  • Premium organic Kabuse 2 Matcha tea
  • Miumori Super Premium organic matcha from the Kirishima Mountains
  • Premium Nomikoto organic matcha from the Kirishima Mountains
  • Artisanal organic sweets for breakfast

    traditional recipes