Adotta un alveare biologico

Adopt an organic beehive

Become a " friend of the Bees " and support biodiversity with the project " Adopt an organic beehive The Honeyland ". You will make an important contribution to the protection of the ligustica native breed of honey bee, which is now also in danger from the genetic erosion caused by hybrid bees.

For each adoption you will support one of our beekeepers in the creation of a new hive, in the birth and development of a new family of about 50,000 new bees with their queen . You will have the guarantee that they will then be raised scrupulously following the organic beekeeping regulations and ensuring their maximum well-being by expert and knowledgeable hands.

You will receive updates (including photos) on the progress of the new colony and the excellent organic honey produced by your new "bee friends" directly to your home. The number of adoptions is limited for each beekeeper and the duration is annual. Join the project and discover the various options available.

Learn about The Honeyland's commitment to saving native bees .

Adotta un alveare biologico
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