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con rimedi fitoterapici e alimenti nutraceutici biologici dai nostri produttori

Organic phytotherapy supplements

With local plants from TheHoneyland producers

  • Novità
    Echinacea organic mother tincture Val Gresta
  • Depur–5 - organic detox supplement with fresh Italian plant extracts
  • Organic natural draining supplement - Oikodep
  • Abies pectinata gemmoderivato organic
  • Sanaven-5 bio concentrated fluid heavy legs supplement
  • Cysti-3 Uva Ursi - organic concentrated fluid urinary tract supplement
  • Organic red vine bud extract
  • Cornus sanguinea gemmoderivato
  • Ficus carica organic gemmoderivato
  • Organic rosemary gemmoderivato
  • Lympha-Dren organic birch sap gemmoderivato
  • esaurito
    Organic cranberry gemmoderivato
  • Apitherapy Products

    26 premium products for adults and children


    Artisanal herbal teas

    from Alto Adige

  • Relaxing organic herbal tea for the evening
  • Organic liver cleansing herbal tea - Hepatica
  • Organic digestive herbal tea - To feel light
  • Organic purifying herbal tea - Alto Adige
  • Cough herbal tea - organic winter blend
  • Organic draining herbal tea - Gold source
  • Relaxing organic herbal tea for children
  • Organic basil from Alto Adige
  • Organic rosemary from Alto Adige
  • Organic Functional Honeys

    with propolis and essential oils for various needs