Creme alla cera d'api biologica italiana

Oganic beeswax creams

Only High-Quality Organic Beeswax Products

We source our organic beeswax from trusted beekeepers to avoid adulteration and contamination with 247 toxic and carcinogenic substances commonly found in beeswax.

A precious gift from the hive, yellow beeswax has nourishing and protective properties. Our cosmetics only use unrefined operculum beeswax, rich in nutrients, vitamin A, and flavonoids that promote healthy skin cell development. This makes it especially fantastic for dry or mature skin.

Beeswax helps improve skin quality and texture, making it a great natural ingredient for anti-wrinkle creams.

Created with carefully selected natural and local ingredients, our organic beeswax creams also have anti-inflammatory properties and benefit irritated and sensitive areas. They create a protective lipid film that maintains the skin's natural hydration when exposed to cold, humidity, wind, and sun.

Experience the benefits of our high-quality organic beeswax products for yourself!

Creme alla cera d'api biologica italiana
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