Miele di Sulla biologico

Italian Sulla Honey

Organic sulla honey from Italy.

High Quality Italian Sulla Honey harvest, directly from The Honeyland's trusted beekeepers.

Unlike other similar products, obtained from intensive cultivation, our organic sulla honeys are collected in different Italian natural areas, often from spontaneous blooms. From Sinni Valley in Basilicata to the Lucan Dolomites, to the one harvested on uncultivated land in the heart of Sicily (from the Madonie to the Belice Valleys).

In accordance with our philosophy, our sulla honeys are also 100% Italian, artisanal, organic and genuine. They are cold extracted directly from the combs and are not pasteurized or heated. In this way, they preserve all their beneficial properties.

It is a honey that crystallizes finely and is creamy. We recommend our sulla honeys to those looking for an excellent alternative to acacia honey as it is particularly suitable for spreading, for sweetening tea and herbal teas or in delicious desserts due to its delicate flavor.

Miele di Sulla biologico
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