Miele di Eucalipto e Timo biologico

Eucalyptus and Thyme honey

From Sicily and Sardinia.

We have selected high-quality organic eucalyptus honey and organic thyme honey harvested exclusively in natural areas of Sardinia and Sicily. These regions, thanks to their climatic characteristics, allow these plants to thrive and bees to collect their precious nectar.

  • Organic eucalyptus honey from Luigi Manias's stationary beekeeping in the Marmilla Park (Sardinia) or harvested in the historical forest demesnes of Calatino, between the provinces of Enna and Caltagirone in Sicily.
  • Organic thyme honey, very rare, harvested in the San Pietro Wood Nature Reserve in Sicily.

Each of these eucalyptus honey samples is different in its nuances and aromas, which can vary from year to year, testifying to the absolute artisanship of these honeys. On TheHoneyland only raw honey that maintains its nutritional and organoleptic characteristics unaltered.

To offer you the best of this special quality honey, certified organic honey comes directly from our trusted beekeepers who guarantee the absence of residues of antibiotics, pesticides, and acaricides.

Miele di Eucalipto e Timo biologico
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