For gentle cleansing and deep nourishment - with remarkable anti-aging properties

Body skin care

Choosing the best care for your skin type, to hydrate, nourish your skin, protecting it from dryness in the cold season.

  • Organic aloe vera body cream (81% fresh pulp)
  • Novità
    Organic sesame oil from Ispica
  • Cleansing milk with propolis and organic honey
  • Biodynamic Hazelnut Oil Face & Hair Spray
  • Organic Propolis Ointment Cream of Graces
  • Natural soap with honey and organic lavender flowers
  • Organic soothing intimate spray with white propolis
  • Hand and body treatment with hazelnut oil and organic beeswax
  • Organic aloe vera hand cream (78% fresh pulp)
  • Balsamic ointment with natural camphor oil and organic beeswax
  • Pezzata Rossa d'Oropa milk soap and organic honey (Biella Prealps)
  • Natural soap with propolis and organic honey
  • Eco-organic hair products

    for a purifying, nourishing, restructuring action and to promote hair growth