Miele di Castagno biologico

Raw Italian Chestnut Honey

Chestnut Honey harvested in Italian forests.

On TheHoneyland you can find a selection of raw chestnut honey harvested in natural landscapes of Italy: from the woods of the Valle d'Aosta to those of the Marguareis Park (Piedmont) and the Val di Vara bio-district (Liguria); to arrive as far as the Etna Park in Sicily.

Raw chestnut honey for those who love strong and intense flavors and different shades of bitterness. Each chestnut honey is produced by artisan beekeepers and harvested only in uncontaminated areas far from sources of pollution.

We have selected only raw chestnut honeys that rigorously respect the organic method and are produced without the use of antibiotics and chemical pesticides. Furthermore, all the variety of chestnut honey that you find here is not subjected to heating or pasteurization processes to keep all its beneficial properties intact.

Miele di Castagno biologico
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