Creme spalmabili biologiche

Spreadable Creams

Made with only organic, km0 ingredients from our producers

Our products are 100% natural, made with only 2-3 carefully selected, organic, Italian, and zero-kilometer ingredients from various regions of Italy:

  • Creams with raw honey from our beekeepers
  • 100% hazelnut or sesame seed (tahini) cream
  • 100% fruit pulp jams (blueberries, raspberries, and blackberries)

Handcrafted with passion and expertise: Not only delicious but also very healthy thanks to the high-nutritional-value ingredients and the absence of refined sugars and oils.

FREE FROM: Gluten, milk, vegetable or hydrogenated oils, emulsifiers, flavors, and added preservatives.

Creme spalmabili biologiche
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