Miele di Corsica Biologico

Organic Corsican honey

A Taste of Nature's Finest

Discover the exceptional quality of our organic Corsican honey (AOP) harvested within the Corsican Regional Natural Park, boasting unique local characteristics:

  • Strict AOP production standards (Appellation d'Origine Protégée / PDO) guarantee authenticity and traceability.
  • Corsican honeybee: This unique bee species has adapted perfectly to the island's climate, ensuring pure, local honey. To protect the Corsican bee, importing beehives and beekeeping equipment to the island has been strictly prohibited since 1982.
  • Wild Corsican mountain vegetation: The pristine Tavignano Valley and Cap Corse offer an exceptional climate and rich flora with 2800 plant and flower species, 127 of which are found nowhere else on Earth. This area provides an unparalleled abundance of pollen and nectar sources free from pollution (urban or pesticides).

Among the prized Corsican honeys ("Mele di Corsica" in the local dialect), we have selected:

  • Corbezzolo or "Miel de Maquis d'automne" with its characteristic bitter taste.
  • Wild Mediterranean Macchia honeydew, "Miellat du Maquis".
  • High Mountain honey "Maquis d'été".

Experience the purity and taste of Corsica with our exceptional honey.

Miele di Corsica Biologico
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