Nocciole biologiche italiane

Italian Organic Hazelnuts

Italian Hazelnuts: A Taste of Excellence

We've selected the finest italian organic hazelnuts directly from small-scale Piedmontese producers. No hybrids, only prized native Italian varieties, starting with the Tonda Gentile Trilobata (Nocciola Piemonte IGP).

While intensive hazelnut cultivation in Italy today risks creating major environmental problems, our chosen producers support biodiversity and the balance of an entire ecosystem where bees can thrive. Harvested only when fully ripe in autumn, the hazelnuts undergo artisanal processing to obtain:

  • Raw hazelnuts: "al naturale" and organic cream with raw honey that preserve the precious nutritional qualities of the original fruit. These hazelnuts are used to produce a prized hazelnut oil.
  • Roasted hazelnuts that enhance the exceptional aroma and goodness of the fruit.

To preserve their fragrance and nutritional properties, our hazelnuts are vacuum-packed to prevent the oxidation of beneficial fats.

Nocciole biologiche italiane
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