Hazelnut Oil For Cooking

100% Virgin Oil from Piedmont IGP Hazelnuts, Raw and UNTOASTED. No Additives.

Hazelnut Oil For Cooking

100% Virgin Oil from Piedmont IGP Hazelnuts, Raw and UNTOASTED. No Additives.

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In the kitchen :

It is an edible oil ideal for cooking and seasoning foods.

It can be used instead of olive oil, preferably raw. It is a light oil , with a more delicate flavor than toasted hazelnut oil or extra virgin olive oil.

  • it is excellent as a dressing for salad and raw vegetables, with meat and fish carpaccio, fresh cheeses, soups, pasta and risottos.
  • excellent in sauces and unrivaled in pastry making.
The best chefs and gourmets around the world use it as a condiment or to enhance a dish. A few drops are enough to flavor and give an exclusive touch to your dishes.

Warnings : people with a full-blown allergy to hazelnuts should avoid taking this food.

Standard storage : Store in a cool, dry place. Our advice, to best preserve the nutraceutical properties, is to store it in the fridge.


100% pure organic Piedmont IGP hazelnut oil

Packaging & Environment

  • Glass bottle
    GL 70
  • Plastic cap
  • Box
Clean dirty packaging before recycling.
Check the provisions of your municipality.


Az. Agricola ApeNocciola
The company was born from the passion of its owner Giulio Moiraghi who together with his wife Daisy decided in 2014 to take over and renovate a historic hazelnut grove with 50/60 year old plants. The hazelnut grove where bees also thrive. It is the only hazelnut grove where, in addition to hazelnuts, we find legumes, cruciferous vegetables, pasture plants in order to compensate for the exploitation of the land by increasing biodiversity

Customer Reviews

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The scent of hazelnut in oil

In addition to the valuable functional characteristics, it is fabulous to perceive the same scent of freshly picked hazelnuts. I suggest keeping it in the fridge (vegetable department) to find it unchanged in the months of use.

Lucy A.
Excellent oil to vary the taste

Every now and then I change the oil for salad dressing. Yesterday I had bitter radicchietto which turned out to be sweeter with hazelnut oil. Optimal

Florence B.
For the preparation of a good homemade ice cream!

I tried it in the ice cream recipe with pistachio and honey cream.... the result was excellent!

Mauro N.

Thanks to you I discovered this oil so healthy. I take a teaspoon every morning.

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