Miele di Acacia biologico

Raw Organic Acacia Honey

Our Selection of Organic Acacia Honey from Italy.

Experience the diverse flavors of Italian acacia honey from different regions.

Our organic acacia honey is harvested in various locations, including the Canavese hills, Oltrepò Pavese, Tuscan and Parma Apennines, and the Marche hills. Each location imparts unique nuances to the honey, making it a true expression of its terroir.

TheHoneyland offers a sensory journey through the delicate differences of each acacia honey.

Every jar is a small treasure, handcrafted with respect for nature and bees. Our honey is:

  • 100% organic acacia honey: No blends, no pasteurization, naturally rich in enzymes and beneficial properties.
  • Perfect for sweetening desserts, drinks, or enjoying on its own.

Pair our organic acacia honey with our selection of premium organic mountain herbal teas for a truly healthy and flavorful experience.

Miele di Acacia biologico
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