Frutta secca e semi biologici

Organic dried fruit

The finest 100% Italian organic dried fruit

These are typical products of their regions of origin, from ancient varieties (not modern hybrids):

  • Noto almonds (Pizzuta d'Avola and Fascionello varieties, the most prized in the world). The splendid almond grove is located in uncontaminated nature 2 km from the sea in Val di Noto.
  • Piedmont Franquette walnuts: produced by a small family farm surrounded by the woods of the Ticino Park and always committed to respecting and protecting biodiversity.
  • Piedmont IGP hazelnuts: from a small hazelnut grove located on the hills of the Po River where the expert Giulio cultivates his hazelnuts using the biodynamic method to protect the fertility and vitality of the soil.
  • Ispica sesame, local production of the ancient seed preserved since the time of the Arabs by some Sicilian farmers.

Organic, ethical and fair trade. Our dried fruit is certified organic, without the use of pesticides, chemical fertilizers and GMOs, and respectful of the health of people and the environment. By purchasing it, you will not only bring home a quality product, but you will also support the families of small Italian farmers.

Frutta secca e semi biologici
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