Noci biologiche italiane crude

Raw Italian organic walnuts

Only Ancient Italian Organic Walnuts

Experience the unique taste and quality of our organic walnuts, grown by small local producers in the hills and foothills of the Alps.

We offer only traditional Italian walnut varieties, such as Franquette, which have been cultivated for centuries for their superior flavor and nutritional value.

Why choose our walnuts?

  • Superior taste and quality: Our walnuts have a unique, intense, and fresh flavor that is unmatched by mass-produced varieties.
  • Organic and sustainable: We are committed to organic farming and sustainable practices that protect the environment and promote biodiversity.
  • Harvested at the right time: Our walnuts are harvested at the peak of ripeness, ensuring a full and harmonious flavor.
  • Low-temperature drying: We dry our walnuts in-house at low temperatures (under 35°C) to preserve their delicate flavor and nutrients.

TheHoneyland: For the finest organic walnuts, direct from the grower to your table.

Noci biologiche italiane crude
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