Infusi di frutta biologici

Fruit infusions teas

A Taste of Nature

Indulge in the pure goodness of organic fruit infusions made with only natural flavors from certified organic farming. The Honeyland brings you the full flavor of 100% natural ingredients with premium quality blends.

Expertly crafted by the connoisseurs of Mondo di Eutepia, these selections of organic infusions will surprise you with their captivating flavor and aroma:

  • From sweet blends based on apple and pineapple to the astringent flavors of rosehip, wild berries, strawberry, blackberry, currant, and goji berries.
  • From the fragrance of citrus peels to that of rose petals and hibiscus.
  • Spiced with ginger, red pepper, and cinnamon to ethnic-inspired infusions - Turkish tea with apple pieces.

Our organic fruit and spice infusions are truly thirst-quenching and therefore perfect in summer, enjoyed plain or as a base for original refreshing cocktails.

Infusi di frutta biologici
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