Prodotti bio per capelli

Organic hair products

For Beautiful, Healthy Hair

At Honeyland, we believe that beautiful, shiny hair can only be achieved if it is strong and healthy. This can only be achieved through internal nutrition and bio-nutricosmetic hair care.

We have selected the best organic hair products:

  • Instead of organic ingredients of dubious quality from other continents, our products use high-quality, locally-sourced raw materials from our producers: Organic honey, Extra virgin olive oil, Organic beeswax, Unpasteurized craft beer, Fresh aloe vera and Organic essential oils.
  • Our products are FRESH, not concentrated in powders and not pasteurized, so they are rich in bio-active substances for the hair and are multifunctional.

Cleanse, moisturize and nourish:

  • Our solid shampoos nourish and protect the hair and scalp in depth.
  • To purify and rebalance hair with dandruff: purifying shampoo with propolis.
  • Prevention of hair loss: for delicate, dry or stressed hair, our fresh aloe gel and sesame and hazelnut oils are a panacea used in nourishing masks.

Raw and cold-pressed hair oils:

  • A panacea used in nourishing masks: our organic and biodynamic sesame oil from Ispica and IGP hazelnut oil from Piedmont.

Products with at least 99% natural local ingredients produced in an ethical and sustainable way. WITHOUT the use of allergenic chemicals and synthetic fragrances.



Prodotti bio per capelli
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