Torrone di Tonara artigianale (Sardegna)

Italian torrone nougat

Discover the real Torrone di Tonara (Italian torrone nougat from Sardinia).

We have selected for you the handcrafted Torrone di Tonara, produced in the heart of Barbagia, in the Sardinian mountains, according to the ancient recipe: with 100% natural ingredients. In fact, for the production of our handcrafted Sardinian Torrone di Tonara, only the finest Italian honey is used:

  • NO sugar or glucose syrup: precisely for this reason it is tendencially soft (in reality a perfect mix between soft and crumbly).
  • NO added preservatives, colors or flavors

Rich in selected dried fruit, the healthy and natural Italian torrone nougat can be purchased in the almond version, hazelnut version, or the traditional walnut torrone.

Our Torrone di Tonara is a guarantee of tradition, passion and love for its land. A delicious dessert to share with family, a great gift for your loved ones or a healthy energy snack.

Torrone di Tonara artigianale (Sardegna)
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