Nectar and pollen from flowers for bees and beekeepers

Because this is the best nourishment to offer to the colonies in periods when nectar sources are scarce.

Support bees and beekeepers in difficulty

In recent years , climate change has threatened bees with increasingly violent events. 2021 will be remembered as one of the most dramatic years experienced by Italian beekeepers . Due to a spring with late frost in April, wind and rain, the bees were left without supplies and without the possibility of feeding themselves independently.

All our beekeepers have suffered serious losses and this can prevent them, especially the small ones, from carrying on their activities.

Flowers for bees (honey and wild)

To protect their bees from the increasingly frequent "starvation deaths" , some of our beekeepers, in collaboration with local farmers, have found land that can be used for sowing honey plants.

Although much more expensive and laborious than artificial nutrition , this approach is more beneficial for the bees who develop healthier and stronger. Especially in spring and autumn so that bee families have nourishment before the winter rest, strengthening them and limiting their losses.

To support bees and beekeepers, since spring 2022 we have provided some beekeepers with flower mixtures recognized as bee-friendly, useful at different times of the year.

Only Italian certified organic seeds

We purchased seeds that were not treated with toxic pesticides, not GMO and not hybrid, but only certified organic .

By choosing flower seeds that are resistant against weeds, they DO NOT require the use of pesticides. They are ideal for our beekeepers - who are already busy with bees full time, because they require minimally invasive and time-consuming processing.

Thanks to our friends The Honeyland in 2022 we managed to supply our beekeepers with seeds for approximately 10,000 square meters of flowering meadow in 2 regions:

  • hills of Basilicata - agricultural land of our beekeeper Donata Velenatale of "Mielù".
  • Piedmontese hills - agricultural land of our beekeeper Roberto Rossi of "Il honey bio di Girba", in Avigliana.
  • How you can support Bees and & Beekeepers

    The goal for spring/summer 2023 is to sow 15,000 square meters of flowering meadow useful for millions of bees. To support this project together with us:

    These actions will benefit not only honeybees, but also other local wild pollinators, in line with The Honeyland's philosophy to Save Native Bees .