Propoli biologica bambini

Organic alcohol-free propolis

Natural Wellness at Your Fingertips

Only the best propolis products for children:

  • High percentage of raw organic propolis sourced from The Honeyland beekeepers and processed in certified organic laboratories.
  • Italian and French organic propolis, among the best in the world for its qualities:
    • Fresher due to the short supply chain compared to industrial or foreign propolis.
    • Richer in active ingredients and more effective against microbes.
    • Free from chemical residues and pollutants such as GMOs, pesticides, tetracyclines, and heavy metals.

Over 10 natural alcohol-free propolis formulas:

  • Experience the full power of the best organic propolis without alcohol.
  • Effective against the effects of polluted air, nasal dryness, colds, sore throats, mouth ulcers, and herpes.

Propolis for your child's 360° natural well-being: available in drops , sprays , syrup , aerosols and ambient diffusers . Suitable for all those who want a highly tolerable natural remedy with no side effects.

  • Available in drops, sprays, syrups, aerosols, and room diffusers.
  • Suitable for anyone who wants a natural remedy with high tolerability and no side effects.


Propoli biologica bambini
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