Gemmoderivati bio artigianali

Organic bud extract

From fresh plants of the Val Gresta (Italy)

What are gemmoderivatives?

They are glyceric macerates prepared from fresh plant tissues in the embryonic stage of vegetative development: buds, young shoots, rootlets. Used in gemotherapy, a discipline that originated in the 1960s, which explains the great efficacy of the action of bud extracts.

These plant tissues are rich in nucleic acids, amino acids, phytohormones, vitamins, trace elements, minerals and lymph.

Why choose The Honeyland gemmoderivatives:

  • Purity: only buds from spontaneous collection or certified organic cultivation of the Val di Gresta bio-district.
  • Certified organic composition: organic vegetable glycerin and organic alcohol are used.
  • Hand-picked respecting the balsamic time and the maximum vital charge of the plant to preserve its properties at best.
  • Artisanal processing immediately after harvest (no frozen buds or picked in previous days).
  • Slow maceration of at least 40 days away from light.
  • They do not contain dyes, preservatives, sweeteners.

Thanks to all these factors, our gemmoderivatives have a high concentration of active ingredients and are high quality natural remedies.

Gemmoderivati bio artigianali
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