Why didn't I receive the order confirmation via email?

You should check your email's spam folder. If the email is not even in the spam folder, it is likely that during the order and/or registration phase, an incorrect email was indicated or the purchase process was not completed correctly.

In this case, please contact us via email: info@thehoneyland.com or call us on 0125.1925121

How can I cancel or modify an order?

We are available to make any type of change on each order, as long as it has not already been packaged and delivered to the courier. For this reason we ask you to contact us quickly.

If the package is not packed and shipped, the order will be blocked by customer service so that the desired changes can be made.

In the event that you wish to have one or more products removed from the order, please consider that it is possible to incur a change in shipping costs, which are calculated based on the cart total.

If the package has already been delivered to the courier, it will no longer be possible to make changes and it will be necessary to make a return following the methods indicated online.

I received a damaged product, what can I do?

We always pay the utmost attention to adequately packaging your products to avoid breakages. If the package received is broken, wet, or tampered with, please do not accept the goods or accept it with reservation .

Important: in the event that the package is accepted anyway and the damage is discovered at a later time, please send an email immediately attaching the photo of the package and damaged products: our operators will evaluate the conditions for a refund via voucher.

How can I return a product?

To return a product we invite you to read the dedicated section: click here