Pellicola alimenti Cera d'api biologica

Bee Wrapping Paper

The Sustainable Alternative to Plastic and Aluminum

Looking for an eco-friendly alternative to single-use plastic and aluminum in the kitchen? We've chosen a beeswax food wrap made with organic Piedmontese beeswax.

Why Bee Wrapping Paper?

  • Sustainably sourced: We only offer handmade wraps produced in Piedmont that meet The Honeyland's sustainability standards.
  • 100% natural ingredients: Made with organic Italian beeswax and hazelnut oil from certified Piedmontese producers.
  • Safe and chemical-free: Our beeswax is free of harmful or foreign substances like paraffin and stearin, often found in non-EU beeswax.
  • Certified safe: Fabrics are printed locally with formaldehyde-free and OEKOTEX certification.
  • Durable: The texture and yarn have been studied and chosen to make Beeopak more functional and long-lasting, lasting about 1 year.

Perfect for wrapping almost any food, such as bread, cheese, fruits, and vegetables, and for covering containers and serving dishes. You can also use it to wrap snacks for on the go.

Choose Bee Wrapping Paper and join the fight against plastic pollution!

Pellicola alimenti Cera d'api biologica
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