Panettone biologico artigianale

Artisan organic panettone

A Taste of Tradition

Experience the true taste of Christmas with our handcrafted organic Panettone, made with 100% natural ingredients and traditional methods.

What makes our Panettone special?

  • Organic and artisanal: Made by a small Milanese pastry shop using only the finest organic ingredients.
  • Slow fermentation: Our sourdough is refreshed daily for three days, resulting in a light and fluffy texture.
  • No artificial additives: Free from refined fats, powdered milk and eggs, sweeteners, yellow coloring, and synthetic flavors or preservatives.
  • Limited edition: Available in three flavors: Traditional, Gianduja, and Orange & Chocolate.

A healthier way to enjoy Christmas:

Our Panettone is a healthier alternative to traditional cakes, made with simple, high-quality ingredients.

Freshly baked and delivered:

Baked in late November and shipped from early December, our Panettone is guaranteed to be fresh.

Order your Organic Panettone today and experience the taste of tradition!

Panettone biologico artigianale
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