Diffusore di Propoli Propolair

Propolis Diffuser

Breathe Pure Air with Organic Italian Propolis

The Propolair propolis diffuser is the air purifier that lets you breathe the precious volatile fraction of pure propolis, naturally found in forests.

Powered by organic Italian propolis, Propolair diffusers offer natural antibacterial and antiviral protection. A study conducted in school environments in Collegno (TO) and Milan showed a 71.8% reduction in average airborne microbial load in just 3 days.

Scientific studies have shown that Propolair line propolis diffusers with ionizers are excellent air purifiers for both your home and car. Tests have shown a significant reduction in PAHs and benzene, pollutants present in polluted urban centers and recognized carcinogens by the WHO.

The Honeyland recommends Propolair with certified organic Italian propolis, which has shown a high tolerability index in studies. Breathe pure mountain air without any pollutants (tetracyclines, heavy metals, etc.).

Experience the benefits of breathing pure air! Try Propolair Propolis Diffuser today.

Diffusore di Propoli Propolair
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