Propoli spray bio italiana

Organic spray propolis

The Best of Italian Organic Propolis

Experience the full power of Italian organic propolis in our Propolis Spray. Effective against sore throats and useful for local treatments such as mouth ulcers, herpes, and mycosis.

Why choose our Propolis Spray?

  • 100% Italian Organic Propolis: We source our propolis from the best Italian beekeepers and work with certified laboratories to ensure the highest quality.
  • More Active Against Microbes: Italian organic propolis is considered the best in the world for its high concentration of active ingredients and is free of chemical residues.
  • High Percentage of Raw Propolis: Our Propolis Spray contains a high percentage of raw propolis for maximum effectiveness.
  • Alcohol-Free or Alcoholic Solution: Available in both alcohol-free and alcoholic solutions to suit your needs.
  • Free From Pollutants: Our propolis is free from GMOs, pesticides, tetracyclines, and heavy metals.

Experience the benefits of Italian organic propolis.

Propoli spray bio italiana
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