Colombe artigianali biologiche

Italian Colomba Cake

Natural Slow-Rising Fresh Products

For Easter 2024, we bring you 3 italian colomba cake from high-end pastry shops. In line with The Honeyland philosophy, our artisanal doves are natural, made with only fresh ingredients: organic short-chain raw materials and ancient wheat flour.

For a dove that respects your health:

  • Using live sourdough for a slow natural leavening of 3 days
  • No semi-finished products or powder mixes
  • No added flavors, neither artificial nor natural - only fine ingredients and Madagascar vanilla
  • No vegetable fats, emulsifiers, colors or preservatives.

This is why they have a shorter shelf life than industrial products.

All our artisanal doves will be produced fresh in March for The Honeyland customers, in the classic and dark chocolate and wild blueberries variants.

They will only be available to order, so hurry up to receive them at home in time for Easter.

Colombe artigianali biologiche
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